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Thirsk Road

side return extension

Project Description

This Victorian terrace property was given a complete renovation which included basement works, a loft conversion, a single storey side-return extension and full refurbishment. The client selected a very high standard of specifications throughout with a modern style.

The ground floor has been transformed into a contemporary open-plan living area. The side-return extension uses the full width of the property to create a beautiful space to act as a social hub. In addition, the floor was lowered to be consistently level with the garden area. This feature blurs the line between outdoor and indoor spaces which is enhanced when the bifold doors are opened. The lowered ground floor also provides impressively high ceilings towards the entrance of the building.

The kitchen was entirely bespoke and is a good example of the fantastic workmanship which can be seen throughout the building. This project was built in association with BAT Carpentry.

Works Summary

1. Side Return Extension
2. Dormer Loft Conversion
3. Basement Conversion
4. Full Refurbishment