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Undertaking a new build home for the first time can be a daunting prospect so it is important to have an experienced builder. We act as a contractor for a number of developers and also undertake our own projects. Our design & build service is an extremely efficient way of turning your plot into a home although we are also happy to act as a contractor for projects where drawings have already been produced by an architect or technician.

We are also happy to work in partnership with land owners who want to maximise their assets. By working in a joint venture, our partners retain the financial reward of managing a development themselves without the pressure of overseeing every aspect of the project. For further information on our new build services please contact us.

Infill Plots

An ‘infill plot’ is the term given to plots of land in an urban setting which occupy a gap in its immediate surrounds. This might be an independent plot between two properties or an unusually large garden to the side of a house. Planning authorities are likely to grant permission for such plots which greatly increases the value of the existing land even before its developed. Typically, plots found in a garden to the side of a property are able to facilitate a new build semi-detached house.

Backland Plots

This is a different type of garden plot which is found to the rear of an existing house. Usually, ‘backland plots’ will have access via a road to the rear or they will share the same drive to the side of the existing house. Therefore, backland development is typically found where the original property is quite large - plots can often facilitate a pair of new build semi-detached houses. This type of plot can be more commercially lucrative as they normally provide enough space for multiple units.

Relacement Plots

Replacement plots refer to land occupied by a substandard construction which does not fully utilise the potential of the plot. For example, this could be a small bungalow occupying a plot large enough to facilitate 2 semi-detached houses. Generally, planning authorities are amenable for one-for-one replacements and are still likely to grant permission for extra units. Usually, this type of plot is more suitable for people wanting to build a home for themselves however larger plots can be commercially viable.

Serviced Plots

Local authorities are increasingly providing plots with service roads and drainage – this are referred to as service plots. These plots are usually brought to the market for ‘self-builders’, a term used for people who wish to take part in the design of their future home. Serviced plots can be a straight-forward way to build your home but are generally more restrictive in terms of design.