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Loft Conversions

We have considerable experience in both designing and building all types of loft conversion. The most common styles we are asked to build are listed below. We are able to offer a comprehensive design & build service which takes your project from concept through to completion with minimal fuss. Also, we are happy to act as a contractor for projects where drawings have already been produced by an architect or technician.

If you want to discuss which type of loft conversion would best fit your home and budget, please feel free to contact us. You may find the below descriptions useful when considering which type of loft conversion best suits your needs.

Velux Loft Conversion

A Velux loft conversion does not alter the existing roof structure although Velux windows are installed to provide natural light. This type of conversion is an extremely cost effective way to add another bedroom to your home and most properties are large enough to also add an en-suite bathroom. The minimum ridge beam height requirement is 2.2m which means the majority of houses are able to have a Velux loft conversion. Planning is not usually required which means we are able to start the project quickly.

Dormer Loft Conversions

Dormer loft conversions project vertically from the existing roof line which creates more usable floorspace and headroom – it is one of the most common types of loft conversion we carry out for clients. Dormer loft conversions can often provide two substantial bedrooms and even an en-suite which makes it the most cost-effective way to enlarge your home. Planning is not typically required which also allows construction works to start quickly.

L-Shaped Loft Conversions

An L-shaped dormer loft conversion is two dormer structures connected together. Typically, this type of loft conversion is most suitable for period properties where different sections of the building create an L-shape. These loft conversions can provide a vast amount of usable floorspace and facilitate multiple bedrooms. Therefore, L-shaped loft conversions can be an extremely cost-efficient way to add value to your home. Planning permission is not always needed although we will be able to advise on your project’s specific requirements.

Mansard Loft Conversions

A Mansard loft conversion is constructed by raising the party walls on either side of your home and then installing a frame between the new extensions. The rear elevation of a mansard loft conversion is typically sloped by at least 72° which provides vast floorspace and headroom. However, many people prefer the aesthetics of a mansard loft compared to a dormer extension. Typically, Mansard loft conversions are more expensive than other alternatives.

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