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Home Extensions

We are specialists in both designing and building all styles of home extensions although we most commonly build the types of extensions listed below. We are able to offer a design & build service which efficiently takes your project from conception right through to completion. Alternatively, we can act as a contractor for projects where drawings have already been produced by a third party technician or architect.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss which type of extension might be most suitable for your type of home and budget. You may find it helpful to read the descriptions provided below to better understand the options available.

Side Return Extensions

A side return extension stretches the ground floor of your home into an alley-way at the side of the building. This type of extension is common in period terrace houses because it makes use of the ‘dead space’ at the side of the property whilst preserving the garden. By using the full width of the property side return extensions are fantastic at creating contemporary open-plan kitchen and living areas. This type of extension is typically less expensive than alternative home extensions which make them an efficient way to add value to your home.

Rear Extensions

Rear extensions allow you to expand the ground-floor of your home outwards at the rear of the property. This type of extension can vastly increase the size of your home and is ideal when extra rooms might be needed. Rear extensions are also brilliant at providing large open plan kitchen and dining areas which blur the line between outdoor and indoor spaces. They are most suitable for homes where garden size is less of an issue.

Wrap Around Extensions

A wrap around extension combines a side return extension with a rear extension to create an L-shaped space which wraps around the ground-floor of your home. By using the dead space in the side alley-way wrap around extensions can significantly increasing the size of your home whilst preserving most of the garden area. The added space can be used for either to create a vast kitchen and living area or to provide additional rooms such as utility, storage or a downstairs WC.

Double Storey Extensions

Double storey or two storey extensions run across two floors - they generally add the most amount of space and value to your home. Double storey extensions can be side, rear or wrap around extensions which usually run two floors in their entirety. However, some properties require partially double storey extensions combined with single storey areas. Two storey extensions can provide everything a single storey extension does on the ground floors whilst allowing extra bedrooms on the first floor. For this reason, double storey extensions are often seen as a viable alternative to moving home.

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