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About Us

Dynamic Design, Beautifully Built.

Whilst many firms claim to offer design & build, the reality is usually a partnership between two separate businesses which results in a disjointed service, delays and an overall poor experience for the customer.

We simply do it better. The Starling Construction Team consists of an in-house interior designer, quantity surveyor, technician, project managers and tradesmen which allows us to deliver projects efficiently and foresee potential construction issues early in the design phase before they arise.

Our unique business model allows us to start work on site whilst other companies are still in the design-review stage.

Award Winning Design Team

Our Design Team have won multiple awards from different organisations. We employ the latest CAD technology so you can visualise your project before the construction phase begins. This allows changes to be made without expense and causing delays. Our efficient model means that we are able to produce construction drawings in typically less than a week after taking measurements – in reality this usually takes other companies several weeks or even months.

Construction Expertise

We have years of experience acting as a contractor for both developers and even RIBA award winning architects. Professionals trust us because our knowledge makes the construction phase of a project more efficient. We also undertake our own developments which gives us a understanding of the industry most firms do not have – this unique perspective allow us to give a service which exceeds clients’ expectations.

In-House Quantity Surveyors

Most architects and other ‘design & build’ companies simply do not have the skill-set to accurately estimate project costs early in the design phase – they usually rely on third party contractors late in the process which results in budget creep and delays when the design needs to be amended. We do it better – our technicians & quantity surveyors accurately estimate the cost of a project at the start of the process and design your home accordingly.

Mobile Application

A common issue in residential construction projects is coordination between the builder and client. We have solved this problem with our web & phone application which allows clients to see project progress via daily logs with photos, reminds our clients when material selections need to be made and keeps a running account of the payment schedule. In addition, our clients are able to monitor the works programme as it unfolds and ask us questions about any part of the project easily.
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